Friday, November 24, 2017


My focus on thankfulness would not be complete without including blogging. I could do these gratitude posts in my journal. Actually, I always do. But, this actually made me think long and hard about each entry on my list. Posting it here kept me accountable to myself and my promises. I had to be disciplined, writing it down in detail every day. I had to be present in mind and heart.

Blogging allows sharing; it is mutual. I appreciate what others share, as much as I enjoy sharing my own posts. Sharing thoughts can be informative, enlightening, inspiring, and even be empowering. Sharing ideas can change the world. Words are powerful. 

When I am able, there are blog-hops that I like to participate in. Some of the hops that I enjoy have writing prompts. I like the challenge of a writing prompt. I think it helps me exercise my creativity. It is inspiring to read what others write, while sharing my own.

I especially enjoy co-hosting the Friendly Fill-Ins with Ellen of 15andmeowing. She is a wonderful blogger and friend. This hop has helped me get to know so many great bloggers. Each Friday, I learn more about them. I am also pleased that my new hop, Sparks, has been well-received and is growing. These bloggers are great sources of positive energy. They inspire me, as well as others. I am grateful for them.

I also love the hops that I share with blogging friends who have furkids. They understand the bonds that I have with my cats and my dogs. I love sharing pictures, information, support, and stories. These special friends know why I sit up with Maggie at night, just listening to her breathe. They know why it is important for Chloe Jo to be closely monitored for input and output. These wonderful blogging friends know that I manage minions because it is who I am. They get me; and, I get them. We all share a special bond.

I appreciate that my blogging friends also understand time. I don’t always have the time to post the way I would like to. Sometimes I read posts, but don’t have a chance to comment. I wish I did, but life can be busy. In that same vein, I understand when others are busy living life. Honestly, that “living” is what fuels blogging.

I am very thankful for blogging, with its fun and friendship. What started out as an outlet for book reviews has turned into much more. Originally, the fun fueled online relationships. Now, it is the friendships that fuel the fun. Thank you for accepting my family and critters, my writing, my thoughts, and just plain old me. Thank you for being there, caring, and checking in on me. It is mutual. I am sincerely thankful for each and every one of you, my blogging friends and family.
Day Twenty-Four of my Giving Thanks series.

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 81

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, more people can share.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week of shared blessings. Bill is home, so I will probably be busy catching up with him, furkids, chores, and hopefully fun! I will be reading blogs, even when I am not able to comment. Please know you are in my thoughts and counted among my blessings.

I know today is Black Friday. Stay safe out there. We will all be at home, celebrating Chloe Jo (Grizelda does not like fuss). This meme of Chloe Jo made the LOLcats Home Page today!

I enjoyed the fill-ins this week. I hope that you did, too. Holiday sharing is special.

1. I start to decorate for Christmas/Hanukkah the weekend following Thanksgiving. I believe in focusing on each holiday as it comes. Life is short. I don’t want to miss a moment of the blessings in front of me.

2. I prefer a safely decorated, sturdy Christmas tree because I know that someone is going to test it at any given moment…and they do.

3. The best thing about the holidays is the kindness, sharing, the love…and the peace. Spread it all around to every living thing! Please make it last.

4. The worst thing about the holidays is the selfishness and greed that are perpetuated by commercialism. This is the thinking that prevents peace on earth.

~May you enjoy lots of holiday goodness! ~

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

All Good Gifts

I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with, especially Bill, our home, our furkids, family, and our friends, including each of you that write and blog with me. I am also thankful for all of the nature and wildlife that God has filled the world with. I am thankful that He shares all good gifts with us every day, from one season to the next. May you be blessed every day, too. 

~Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones~ 
with lots of love, from Bill & I, and Stella, Kenzie, 
Maggie, Grizelda, Chloe Jo, George, Clyde, & Bonnie Bee

Day 23 of my Giving Thanks series.

Fill-in Statements: Week 81

Each Thursday, my co-host, Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, we post our answers with a link-up for you to join us with your own responses. We hope you will copy and answer these on your own blog, but remember to link up here. If you need help, please let us know. We look forward to your answers!

Week 81: November 24, 2017:

1. I start to decorate for Christmas/Hanukkah                                 .

2. I prefer a ________ Christmas tree because                              .

3. The best thing about the holidays is                                              .

4. The worst thing about the holidays is                                             .

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


As I shopped for groceries this week, I contemplated the holiday. Thanksgiving is meant to be just that: a time to give thanks. Time and circumstance has made that time different things to different people. However, it does not change the meaning of the holiday.

As I put things in my cart and checked them off of my list, I thought of the many things that I am thankful for. The word “bounty” came into my head. I actually stopped to think about the real meaning of the word.

noun: bounty; plural: bounties
-something given or occurring in generous amounts; generosity, liberality.

I looked around at all of the food displays. The shelves and bins and tables…all full. As I got the things for our holiday dinner, I thought of the bounty of food that God has blessed us with every day. We do understand, and are thankful.

As I continued shopping, I remembered other things that I had neglected to put on the list. So, I thought carefully to avoid another trip to crazy town. I added the items to the cart. Nothing frivolous, but things that we needed. There are always things around the house that need to be replenished.

The cats needed litter, so I stuffed that under the cart. The dogs needed the special “senior” treats. Kenzie is a senior and Stella is middle-aged. We are conscious of their needs to stay healthy. Their bounty, I thought with a chuckle. Yes, but they are part of our bounty, too.

Bill needed some things for his trucking life. A man has to maintain his health even when on the road. He isn’t getting any younger, either. But, he is certainly a big part of my bounty.

Finally, I checked out of the store. I thought about bounty all of the way home. I looked at everything. I watched the squirrels and their bounty of nut holes in my flower beds. I watched the last of the Sandhill Crane and their bounty of companionship on their southward travel. I waved back to nice neighbors who waved to me. I watched the sun peek out of grey rain clouds.

Again, I marveled at the bounty that we are blessed with every day. We are blessed in so many ways by a very generous God. That is what "bounty" is. It is not only about the things we have, but that God is generous in His giving. God is good. And, I am thankful. 

Day Twenty-Two in my Giving Thanks series

Do You See Bee?

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dinner Guest

Everyone was happy that Reba was bringing a friend for Thanksgiving dinner. Bert was a farm worker just looking for a fresh start, Reba said.

When they arrived, Reba told them that Bert was outside, enjoying the day. Looking out, they saw a turkey standing in the sun, with what seemed to be a smile on his face.

That was when they realized Bert was the turkey who had just been given the presidential pardon.

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"In Other Words" 
Five lines or less
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Sunrise, Sunset

I have always loved the rising and setting of the sun. As a child, it seemed almost magical to watch the sunrise. Alone, in the quiet, dim light of dawn, it seemed like a secret. I was always very good at keeping secrets.

Once I got a car, I would often take my dog, Velvet, to the lakefront. Together we would watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. Now, I shared my secret. Velvet could be trusted to keep it, though. We enjoyed these quiet moments together. There was such hope and promise in each sunrise. I was always thankful for these fresh starts of sunrise.

It was after I began to get older that I learned to value sunsets more. Watching the sunset on Lake Superior, I fully understood its importance. Sunset completes the day. It allows us to acknowledge accomplishment. We can rest, knowing that the day is complete and that tomorrow is another day. I am thankful for the wisdom of sunsets.

Maybe it is my military background or my love of The Lakes, but I think of “Taps”.

Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the hills,
from the lake,
from the skies.
All is well,
safely rest,
God is nigh.

Fades the light;
and afar
goeth day,
and the stars
shineth bright.
Fare thee well;
day has gone.
Night is on.

Thanks and praise,
for our days,
'neath the sun,
‘neath the stars,
'neath the sky.
As we go,
this we know,
God is nigh.

Day Twenty-One of my Giving Thanks series.

Monday, November 20, 2017


I cherish the many memories that I have. I am blessed to have a few mementoes to accompany them, too. I have strong feelings attached to each thing. There are not a lot of items, but each is momentous to me!

I really cherish photos. They capture things as they really are. You can go back, look at them, and feel the moment as it was. The memories are almost physical. I do not have many pictures from my childhood, as no one took them. Perhaps that is why I cherish the ones I have from my teens through the present. I have taken many.

I also have some items that are meaningful to me. I have and use my mother-in-law’s rosary. I am not sure how she feels about that, but it means a lot to me. I also have my Grampy’s cologne decanter. I bought it for him when I was 17. It smells like Grampy, even now, after 40 years. Bill has a tie tack that was my Grampy’s. He wears it for special occasions. There are other items, but I especially cherish these things.

The wedding portrait of my great-grandparents hangs on my wall. One reason that this is special is that it is Grampy’s parents in the portrait. Looking at this amazing portrait reminds me of the numerous family stories I have heard. I can also revisit the good family times of my own childhood. The portrait is the original one, in the original frame and glass. August 5, 1891.

There are pet mementoes, too. I have kept dog tags, collars, toys, dishes, and other pet things. The physical items bring comfort when the void feels too dark and cold to manage. I also have many pictures of pets that have blessed my life over the years. I can smile and remember how full of life they were, and how they added so much to mine.

There are other items on my shelves or in special boxes. Some are special only to me, reminiscent of a person, time, or place. Mementoes are links to people, pets, places, or things that we loved. They are tangible pieces of our heart. I am thankful for each and every one.

Day Twenty of my Giving Thanks series.